Climbing Ice

The Iceland Trifecta



Back a few years ago, there seemed to be this explosion of beautiful images coming out of Iceland: images of glass-like, aqua blue ice, shaped in these incredible formations.

As a filmmaker, I instantly thought what an incredible backdrop this would make for the SmugMug Films series.

The one caveat was that instead of static landscape shots, I wanted human involvement and people to interact somehow on the ice. So I contacted award winning photographer Tim Kemple and asked him if he’d ever photographed ice climbers traversing glaciers, icebergs and possibly ice caves. The answer was no, but …we could try…

The Glaciers

This film was the product of that conversation. Along with two professional ice climbers and a local guide, we spent a week in South-eastern Iceland. I strapped on crampons for the first time and with a light run and gun camera kit, we set out exploring over and through glaciers for ice to climb and document in ways that few people have done.

Crew: Photographer: Tim Kemple
Climber: Klemen Premrl
Climber: Rahel Schelb
Guide: Bjorgvin Hilmarsson
Assistant: Kevin Harrington

Location: Southern Iceland: Vatnajokull Glacier
Gear: Canon C100, Dji Inspire 2, GoPro Hero4

The Glaciers Team
Anton Lorimer Link

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